Surface Finishes

Surface treatment and Surface Finishes in industrial processes require a range of finishing products that complement industrial brushes.

Generally, the processis of the Industrial Surface Finishes are carried out with industrial brushes, but sometime surface finishes are needed a better finishing, such as a special polishing or glossing.

Those high quality products thet reach the consumers or end-users, require some non-conventional surface finishes, which we carry out with Polishing Buffs, Abrasive Tools and Abrasive Pastes.

The degree of completion or Surface Finishes depend on the material of the piece that is used, the time and procedure of the finishing. A lot of times this work is done dry, although we also have impregnations to improve the finishes.

The vast majority of the articles we work on are to work automatically during a continuous process since they are for industrial applications.

The most used materials for Surface Finishes, both in polishing discs and in hand tools are:

  • Cotton, from soft standard yarn to thick.
  • Flannel, which is an extremely soft cotton.
  • Sisal, which is a vegetal fabric.
  • Tampic fiber
  • Synthetic nylon, it is a plastic polyamide like the material of the industrial brushes, in its finest versions.
  • Notiflex, which is a hydro-formed non-woven fabric to obtain shine and exceptional finish in polishing works.
  • Abrasive aluminum oxide mesh (AL2O3), grains from 80 (thick) to 500 (super-thin)
  • Abrasive silicon carbide mesh (SIC), grains from 100 (medium) to 1500 (micro-thin)

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These materials have been selected, worked and studied in order to ensure the quality of the product and the quality of the demanded Surface Finishes.


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