Industrial Metal Brushes

At Sacema our standard Industrial Metal Wire Brushes for surface treatment are made with carbon steel, stainless steel, brass or abrasive nylon (silicon carbide) wires. In addition, we offer models that can be used to work high revolutions, vulcanized wires and all of them are compatible with grinders, angle grinders and stationary machines.

Additionally we have wires of our industrial metallic brushes available in all common measurements. At Sacema we always provide the best quality standards with ISO certification in our products incorporating materials made in Spain and Germany.

Utilities of SACEMA Industrial Metal Wire Brushes

  • Cleaning and professional treatment of welds, cast components, band saws, process centers and surfaces.
  • Deburring and polishing machinery and all types of surfaces (steel, wood, metals, synthetic materials, glass …).
  • Elimination of rust, various residues, scale and paint.
  • Retreading processes.
  • Deburring end of pipes, profiles, etc.
  • Aging wood.

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