The industrial cleaning products distributed by Sacema are ideal for carrying out common cleaning tasks such as the car (tires, license plates, moons …).

This basic degreaser, with the same degreasing capacity as an acid product protects surfaces, the skin and does not give off intense odors while acting on the dirt.

We apply the basic degreasing product, and after spraying we let it work for a mere three minutes. Meanwhile we can see how the product coils the dirt almost immediately.

Limpieza Coche

The rim is rinsed with water until the dirt and foam remains are completely removed. The dirt coils without problem, it is not necessary to use any other instrument such as sponges or scourers.

Limpieza Coche

We can see the final result: the tires are perfectly free of dirt, thanks to the basic degreasing product that has eliminated all the residues of stains, branches, mud and other dirt during a brief process that does not reach 10 minutes and without causing any damage to the materials.

Limpieza Coche

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