The industrial cleaning products distributed by Sacema are ideal for common cleaning tasks such as car cleaning (tires, license plates, windows…).

This basic degreaser, with the same degreasing capacity as an acid product, protects surfaces, skin and does not release intense odors while acting on dirt.

The degreaser is suitable for washing the wheels and bodywork of the car, and after a few sprays, we can see how the product rolls the dirt almost immediately.

This is the perfect complement to our car wash brushes.

Cepillo para lavado de coches

Depending on the shape of the filament and its use, there are different types or models of car wash brushes:

1.Traditional polyethylene

These are the most classic car wash brushes, with a manufacturing method more similar to industrial cylindrical brushes.

The filaments are made of 0.8 mm X-section polyethylene and can be used in all types of vehicles, whether cars, motorcycles, buses, trucks, airplanes, trains or industrial vehicles.

They are the brushes with the widest range of colors, since they can be manufactured with colored filaments: white, black, yellow, red, orange, purple, light and dark gray, as well as 5 shades of blue and 5 shades of green.


Car wash brushes manufactured with polyfoam foam are an evolution of traditional brushes aimed at reducing the risk of leaving small marks on vehicles.

Polyfoam is very light and is usually supplied in rectangular profiles, which makes it very effective for precise and very quiet cleaning of all parts of the vehicle.

The foam is available in blue, gray, yellow, black, orange, red and green.

3.Polytex foam

The car wash brushes manufactured with polytex foam is a variant of Polyfom in which the foam is not rectangular sheets, but a large flat thin sheet that has some cuts at the ends, so it is very similar to the previous one.

It is a very light, quiet and compact product, which results in soft and resistant strips.

The foam is available in blue, black, green, red and yellow.

4.Drying foam

This is the brush commonly used in the last phase of vehicle washing tunnels, as it dries the vehicles by means of soft, spongy, water-absorbing foam strips.

Currently only available in blue and green.

5.Mixture of the above

Except for the drying foam, it is very common to make vehicle scrubbing brushes by mixing traditional polyethylene filaments with the different foams to improve the performance or to obtain the advantages of both products.

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