Brushes with flexible base

Normally, when you think of brushes (even if we talk about industrial brushes), the first thing that comes to mind is regular cleaning brushes or, at best, sweeper brushes.

However, there are special brushes to fulfill many other functions. From brushes to upload parts to brushes to remove fish scales, there are many applications for industrial brushes, and a specific design for each of them.

One of the special brushes we offer at Sacema is the brush of flexible rubber base:

Instead of being like a normal brush in which the fibers are attached to a wooden slat or a roller, in this case they are introduced into a rubber base.

The flexibility of the rubber base allows the brush to be attached to pieces that can have any shape, even be curved. It can also be attached to moving parts to allow the brush to take advantage of its movement to perform a function.

These types of brushes are also made with different types of fibers. For example, the one seen in the photo is a brass hair brush, but there are other types of hair available.

Cepillo Flexible

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