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One for everyone

At SACEMA we believe that you should get the most out of each product. Adaptability-based designs are well received in the industrial world, since the resources and space necessary to have multiple machines with a single function are not always available. That is why there are a variety of products on the market intended to work with the most common machines.

In our case, at SACEMA we have our own line of adaptable sweepers for forklifts, auto loaders and tractors with tripuntals. In this way you can easily and economically implement the functions of your machine.

Some of these products are the ones shown below, ranging from our most classic and well-known product, the push brush, to sweeping machines with different types of coupling and traction systems.

Cepillo central

Each of them has its place in different markets and of course different uses. The push brush, being a more robust and stronger brush, is used in the agricultural and industrial sectors to move large waste. While sweepers, formed by a rotating brush, are used for urban cleaning, asphalters or in dust-sweeping warehouses since they have a large deposit to store the residue leaving a clean surface.

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