Solar panel cleaning robots

At Cepillos Sacema, we offer our two solar panel cleaning robots, AMECA-G and AMECA-P, designed to maximise energy generation in photovoltaic installations, thanks to the cleaning of the panels.

Solar panel cleaning robots

Features of solar panel cleaning robots:

Specifications: Specially designed for cleaning panels on warehouse roofs, floating installations, solar farms or other surfaces with complicated access areas and narrow aisles.
Robustness and Power: They are equipped with multiple motors and a high power transmission system, which allows them to work on panels with inclinations of up to 45% without requiring cables or additional fasteners.
Advanced Speed Control: They incorporate a state-of-the-art speed control system that ensures optimum performance during operation.
Radio Controlled Operation: These robots are safely and precisely operated by radio remote control, which increases productivity and simplifies cleaning in any solar farm.

With these features, solar panel cleaning robots offer an efficient and effective solution to keep panels clean and maximise their performance in various locations and conditions.

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Our solar panel cleaning robots, both the AMECA-G and AMECA-P, demonstrate remarkable efficiency, cleaning 400 square metres per hour in two passes (the robot’s back and forth).

Its cleaning capacity is outstanding, thanks to the presence of two technical brushes (one front and one rear) that have been specifically designed to ensure that the robot can perform a thorough cleaning without leaving marks or scratches on the surface.

With a forward speed of 30 metres per minute, the handling and control of these robots is extremely simple using a radio-controlled controller.

These cleaning robots can operate in both dry and wet conditions, using between 0.2 and 0.6 litres of water per square metre of cleaned panel.

The largest AMECA robot (1200x1500x430 mm and 74 kg) has brushes with a diameter of 180 mm and a working width of 1100 mm. The more compact AMECA+ robot (900x1400x400 mm and 53 kg) has a working width of 850 mm. Its lighter weight makes it a highly competitive option due to its ease of positioning and handling.

A key aspect is battery autonomy, and in this regard, our solar cleaning robots come with two complete sets of batteries, ensuring a total autonomy of 8 hours, enough to complete a working day. The interchangeability of the batteries helps to maintain a continuous work flow.

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