Cylindrical Brush

At Sacema we manufacture made-to-measure cylindrical brush, fully definable and customisable by the customer: the total length, the external diameter of the body and shaft, etc.

Cylindrical Brush

Our cylindrical brush consists of a cylindrical base into which filaments are inserted. It is used for cleaning, deburring, polishing, dusting and other tasks. Its cylindrical design allows for uniform contact with the surface, providing efficiency and effectiveness in a variety of industries and applications.

As with other types of industrial brushes, cylindrical brushes are custom made to customer specifications and requirements.

Cylindrical brushes are integrated like other solutions:

  • Belt cleaner, integrating all components.
  • Roller conveyor, placing many cylindrical brushes on a guide.
  • Brushes for fruit cleaning.
  • Central brushes for sweeping and scrubbing machines.
  • Comfort brushes for cows, i.e. the animal comfort totem.

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There are two main blocks of cylindrical brushes:

  • Cylindrical brushes of specific length:

These are industrial cylindrical brushes that are made to measure starting from a pipe or solid at the desired length, in one or as many pieces as desired.

  • Modules by means of pins:

These cylindrical brushes are ideal for achieving the desired length. As they are created from modules, making them easier to assemble. They consist of fully customised cylindrical brushes that are joined together by means of pins, making it possible to achieve the required length between modules. The material of both the base and the filaments will depend on the customer’s needs.

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